Experienced Local Attorney Assists Families with the Adoption Process

Adopting a child is one of the most exciting – and most stressful – experience any family can have. In addition to the emotional aspects of bringing a child into a family, there is also the loss the child’s birth parents experience, as well as the numerous legal issues that arise.

Hiring an experienced adoption lawyer is about more than getting the legal protection that is absolutely needed during the process. It is also about ensuring that the child’s best interests are protected and that everyone involved can move forward during and after the process feeling as though the best decision was made.

Working with a Tulsa, OK adoption attorney is an essential part of successful adoption.

Whether you are just considering adoption or you have begun the process, Jennifer Kern can offer guidance, assistance, and support. Since she formed her adoption- focused law firm in July 2013, Jennifer has been providing excellence in legal representation to Oklahoma families. She consistently demonstrates her commitment and loyalty to her clients. It was a path she set out on long before she began her Juris Doctor track in 2000. She dedicated her life to making as many positive impacts in peoples' lives as possible, especially when they are lonely and uncertain, or when they are embarking on an exciting – but stressful – adventure like expanding their family through adoption.

Tulsa, OK Adoption Attorney Protects the Rights of Parents in Adoption

Any individual or couple considering adoption should consult with an experienced attorney that understands the laws as they relate to their specific type of adoption. Adoption is complex before legal issues even enter the picture. Emotions tend to run high and situations often change on a daily basis.

It is imperative that parents have the legal protection they need right from the start.

Additionally, adoption is a significant financial investment. There may be costs associated with working with an adoption agency, supporting a birth mother, traveling, meeting international obligations, and preparing for the arrival of a child.

Even when a family is adopting an older child from a foster program or international orphanage, it is essential there be someone to look out for the parents’ best interests and ensure that their rights protected, while also keeping the child’s well-being in mind.

An experienced adoption attorney in Tulsa, OK can help.

Contact an Experienced Tulsa, OK Adoption Attorney to Discuss your Case

If you are considering adoption or need assistance with an adoption already in progress, Jennifer Kern can help.

Jennifer concentrates on areas of Family Formation, including interstate/ICPC and ICWA adoption and Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). She also assists clients with ante nuptial agreements (pre-nups), guardian ad litem, OKDHS/foster care, grandparents raising grandchildren, guardianship, conservatorship, wills & trusts, and paternity and child custody issues.

She can provide mediation services in all areas of family relations and communications; including issues related elder care, young adults, custody, and probate and estate planning.

For more information or to discuss your situation with an experienced adoption attorney in Tulsa, OK, contact Jennifer at 918.804.8838


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